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Outdoor Solar Wind Chime Lamp Hummingbird Butterfly Ball Wind Chime Garden Decoration

Outdoor Solar Wind Chime Lamp Hummingbird Butterfly Ball Wind Chime Garden Decoration

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1. The hummingbird solar LED wind chime is a decorative lamp that uses solar energy to supply power and is composed of several LED lights.
2. Uses high-efficiency solar panels, which can convert solar energy into electricity and store it in the built-in battery for the LED light.
3. The unique light control technology can ensure that the lamps are automatically charged during the day (when the light is sufficient), and automatically lighted at night (when the light is insufficient).
4. Easy installation, no wiring, waterproof and sunscreen, and power saving.
5. Widely used in roads, courtyards, showcases, shops, stages, and other places to create a warm and romantic living atmosphere.

Product Information:

Specification Classification: small color bird, transparent bird wind chime lamp, color butterfly, butterfly wind chime lamp, transparent small dragonfly wind chime lamp, dragonfly wind chime lamp, dragonfly, chestnut ball wind chime lamp, love wind chime lamp, sun wind chime lamp, sun moon wind chime lamp, Moon wind chime lamp, blue star wind chime lamp, transparent star wind chime lamp, star and moon wind chime lamp, rattan
Light source type: LED
Rated power: 5 (W) (W)
Type: black shell lamp holder, red shell lamp holder
Voltage: 1.2 (V) (V)
Dimensions: 17*17*20 (mm) (mm)
Life: 10000 (h) (h)
Switch type: manual
Sunshine time: 8 (h)
Purpose: Outdoor decorative lighting garden lights

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Packing List:

Solar string lights*1

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